World Menstrual Hygine Day: Menses are not to be ashamed of!


The World’s Menstrual Hygiene Day – May 28 was marked for it to create awareness that girls don’t need to be ashamed of their monthly cycles. Often girls at pharmacist feel nervous while buying menstrual pads, even Parents don’t let their daughters go out while having their menses. Well, it’s not a thing to be ashamed of. Having menstrual cycle means a healthy girl.

We still have some orthodox thinking as people in our society make misconceptions and taboos about it. I’ve  personally witnessed these things as a child, as women were not allowed to enter and touch anything in the kitchen and temple during their menses. As per common norms, If they do so it will turn impure and as unfortunate it may sound, people still follow this thinking which is bad for our society.

Even early education schools don’t give knowledge about puberty before Matriculation while girls start having periods at the age of 12. The unawareness means that girls have to go through a lot of bullying from boys. What we need is the participation of boys and men to spread awareness and shed the misconceptions and taboos around it.

The world celebrated its 4th Menstrual Hygiene Day today but the movement is incomplete without full participation of men and boys.  Open discussions and some changes in the thinking will make girls and women comfortable which will be good for our society.

Come ahead and support them.

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