Will Priyanka Chopra finally get married this year?


In a time period of Dec 2017 to May 2018, we saw 2 big Bollywood weddings. At first Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli got married and now recently Sonam Kapoor tied knot with her love Anand Ahuja.

Now all eyes are on Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh who are expected to take their relationship to next level on 19th Nov this year. But meanwhile we can’t stop but think if Priyanka Chopra will also get married this year?

We all know that Priyanka Chopra and American singer Nick Jonas are dating each other. This relationship is now getting serious also because both Priyanka and Nick are not hiding it. They are often spotted together and in fact Priyanka attended Nick’s family wedding recently. Their photos at the wedding were proof that they are indeed dating each other.

And if that was not enough, Priyanka and Nick were again spotted together as they went together for a dinner date soon after coming back from the family wedding.

So, one thing is confirmed now that they are inseparable and loving each other’s company.

Now the question, Will Priyanka get married this year?

Last year at an award function, when Priyanka was asked about marriage she had said that she will immediately get married once she finds a suitable boy. “Shaadi plan waali cheez thodi hoti hai, banda milna chahiye. Banda laayak ho to kar lungi” she said.

Watch the video below-

Now we really believe that she has found a “laayak banda” in Nick Jonas and both will get married to each other soon. Right Priyanka?

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