When Arjun Kapoor’s father Boney Kapoor suspected that he might not be straight


Arjun Kapoor is currently on the promotional ride of his upcoming family comedy film Mubaarkan. During a recent promotional interaction with Radio City, Arjun Kapoor shared an interesting story about him and his father when he was in 20’s.

Arjun didn’t own a car and he used to borrow his father Boney Kapoor’s Mercedes to go to nightclubs with his buddies, as stags had a better chance of gaining entry, if they arrived in a fancy car. He shared in a funny way:

“When it happened three-four times, my father asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said that I didn’t and I was hanging with three-four friends at clubs. My worried dad then gently enquired if I was straight!”

Arjun was shocked then, but today whenever he recalls and shares this thing with anyone, he bursts into loud laughter.

Watch the video:

Video courtesy: Radio City India

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