When Akshay Kumar and Sridevi’s film released without climax


Sridevi was India’s first female superstar who had a long career of more than 4 decades. In all these years she worked in 300 films and remained the highest paid actress for a long time.

The gorgeous and talented actress had worked with almost all the big stars and Akshay Kumar happens to be one among them. Sridevi and Akshay had together worked in a film called Meri Biwi Ka Jawaab Nahin which released back in 2004.

However, there is an interesting incident related to the film that Akshay shared during the previous season of Koffee With Karan. While sharing that Sridevi was his first celebrity crush,  Akshay revealed that his film with her released without climax.

Sharing more details about the film, Akshay breaks into laughter and tells that towards the end, he and Sridevi hold hands and decide, “Ab ham badla lenge”.

However, he tells that the revenge part was never shot and the film ended with a message, “Phir un dono ne milke badla liya”.

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