What happened to Amazon Prime India’s social media channels? Posting everything ‘Ulta’

Social Media is a wonderful place where you never have a dull moment. There’s always something interesting going on which keeps everyone involved.

Amazon Prime India is keeping everyone hooked these days with their inverted posts on social media. Everything has gone inverted basically and whatever they are posting is “ulta”.

Those who follow the social media channels of Amazon Prime India are left confused and are asking only one question. Why is everything inverted? But the replies on tweets and comments are only adding to the confusion.

Even the social media covers are upside down.

If that’s not enough even the videos and memes being posted by them are inverted. The pineapple and the bird video are absolutely intriguing.

Even we couldn’t help but get Amazed by this latest Amazon thingy. What could be the reason behind this?

Is it a technical glitch? or a social media stunt for something in the future? Or they are just having fun with the users?

Well it’s all up to Amazon Prime now. Are you reading this? Please end the confusion soon.

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