Watch: This old video of Salman Khan proves he is a Man with Golden Heart


⁠⁠⁠Salman is really a man with the golden heart. Despite running a large charity entity like Being Human, he never discloses the details of his work for the needy.

The superstar is one of the famous philanthropists in Bollywood who apart from fulfilling his own and his family needs, cares for others as well.

Let’s jog our memory and watch the video of Salman Khan which is a throwback to an interview with Rajat Sharma.

While giving the interview at Rajat Sharma’s Aap Ki Adalat, he was asked a question-

“You use 10 percent of your salary for yourself and give the rest for charity. Is that right?”

Despite knowing that Rajat Sharma has all the details of him, the actor still lies and tries to keep the things hidden as he starts murmuring and says that he gets 10 percent of his salary and rest of the amount goes to taxes and Mmm Mmm(stopped talking) which clearly meant he was lying. Then Rajat shed a light on the whole story and said:

“Salman actually uses 90 percent of his salary for the charity work”.

Well, this is actually true because Salman Khan’s charity foundation “Being Human” works in Education and Healthcare for the unprivileged in India. This not-for-profit foundation performs many charitable activities. The foundation even manages a program to train differently-abled people.

We all know that Salman is a good actor who has a bad boy image in Bollywood, but after knowing all the good things he has done we cannot refrain from saying that he is a good man indeed.

Watch the video and see the full conversation between Salman and Rajat-

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