Watch: Ranbir & Katrina fought like children at Jagga Jasoos song launch


Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif had most talked about link up of BTown. Though they never accepted the relationship, it was all obvious when they started living in together. But things went bad and they had a breakup soon. Post the breakup, they never came together and always dodged the questions about each other.

Now that Ranbir & Katrina’s much-delayed film Jagga Jasoos is finally releasing next month, they had to come together for promotions. Ranbir & Katrina were together for the first time post their breakup for the launch of new Jagga Jasoos song ‘Galti Se Mistake’. It was expected to be an exciting event as fans and media wanted to know what happens when the ex-flames come together.

To everyone’s shock, Ranbir & Katrina were supremely awkward with each other. Those who wanted to notice some hidden spark were left disappointed when they saw Ranbir & Kat were not even a bit comfortable with each other. So here is all that happened –

Ranbir & Katrina Were Not Interested In Sitting Next To Each Other

The awkwardness between Ranbir & Katrina was visible since very start when they were just swapping the seats, trying to avoid sitting next to each other. But they had to follow the order of Anurag Basu who hilariously said, I was told by a journalist to not sit between them. Have a look-

Pee Ke Aaya Hai Kya? Katrina Asked Ranbir

Ranbir was asked about his dancing capabilities and while answering the question he joked that Katrina has taken all the dance lessons from him and there’s no gratefulness on her side. Katrina who looked a bit shaken by Ranbir’s answer said, “Pee ke aaya hai kya? “. Checkout how Ranbir reacted-

Katrina Became Nervous On A Question

Katrina was totally taken aback and became nervous when a journalist asked her and Ranbir about a mistake that they would want to do again and again. When Katrina couldn’t find an answer, Ranbir (also the producer of Jagga Jasoos) told her that she needs to answer the question and can’t dodge it which embarrassed her even more. Have a look –

Tareef Ho Gayi Hai, Ab Zyada Ungli Mat Kar

Katrina was asked about her working experience with Ranbir which she again tried to dodge. To handle the situation, Ranbir quickly took the question on himself and started praising Katrina and her Boxoffice pull. After he answered the question, Katrina wanted to speak something but Ranbir interrupted her by saying, “Tareef ho gayi hai, Ab zyada ungli mat kar”. Have a look-

Video Credit: Movie Talkies

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