Watch: Priyanka still loves wearing an ex-boyfriend’s hoodie! But who’s he?

Priyanka Chopra is totally killing it with her candid statements in Baywatch promotional Interviews. We all saw how she dodged the question during a talk show about sleeping with her co-star The Rock.

Recently, Priyanka Chopra was at the “Dirty Laundry” to talk about Fashion. While talking about the things that she loves to wear, PeeCee shared a secret about her favourite hoodie which originally belonged to her ex-boyfriend.


Check out how the conversation went on with the host Laura Brown.

Priyanka: “I was little unsure about this one, But the new show is called Dirty Laundry, so I said might as well. So this is a jacket that I literally live in. ”

Laura: It’s a hoodie!

Priyanka: “Yeah and It’s my airport jacket, but it belonged to an ex-boyfriend”

Laura(as she smells the jacket): “Can u still smell him?”

Priyanka:“God! I hope not. Now you only smell me”

Laura: “Why did you keep his jacket?”

Priyanka: Things get exchanged! But this one I really, really loved. I don’t know, it kinda became mine. It stopped being his like after it stayed back at my house once and then I just kinda wore it.

Laura: Did he ever want it back?

Priyanka: He asked for it and I said no. I said sorry! It’s Dolce and Gabanna and It’s the best thing on the Airport. I am always wearing it.

Watch the video-

We loved the boldness of Priyanka as she revealed her Interesting secret but the question “Who is that Ex?” made us curious. After doing some research, we found that two of her alleged ex-boyfriends Shahid Kapoor & Ranbir Kapoor are fond of hoodies. Here is the case of both-

1. Ranbir Kapoor

Both Priyanka & Ranbir never openly talked about their link up but there was something for sure during Anjaana Anjaani. The fact that Ranbir is an ardent lover of hoodies makes us think about the possibility.


2.  Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor has been often spotted wearing similar kind of hoodies at Airport. The fact that both Priyanka & Shahid were quite open about their relationship and the latter used to visit the former’s house often makes our doubt even stronger.


Who is that ex-boyfriend as per your opinion? Do share with us.

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