This is why Shah Rukh Khan rushed to meet Irrfan Khan and even skipped his shoot


Irrfan Khan is one of the best actors Bollywood have and sadly he is suffering from a rare disease called Neuroendocrine Cancer right now. Irrfan is getting treatment for the disease in London and just recently he shared some feelings with media.

While the friends, fans and lovers of Irrfan are keeping him in prayers for his healthy future, here’s a bit that fans will like to know.

As per SpotboyE reports, a few days before Irrfan left for London SRK met him. Reportedly, the superstar received a call from Irrfan’s wife Sutapa. She invited SRK to visit their residence at Mumbai’s Madh Island. She told him that Irrfan wished to meet his good friend before he left for further treatment to UK.

Shah Rukh, who was shooting at Mehboob Studios, which is co-incidentally nearby Irrfan’s house left in a hurry, to be by his side. He spent almost two hours with Irrfan and before leaving he surprised him by giving him the keys to his London house.

This gesture of SRK made Irrfan very happy and he happily accepted the keys.

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