This Boy from Mars has a lot to tell about Space, Earth & Martians


So much has been said and discussed regarding space, life on other planets and aliens. We’ve also seen many films made on the same topic. Space travel is one topic that generates instant & infinite curiosity and this is the reason many scientists have spent their whole life while discovering the mysteries of space. And as per those scientists, we are still far away from knowing the real truth of a single solar system.

In the studies so far, it has been stated that there might be people like us, living on other planets and universes too. Some people claim to have seen them too but the concept of aliens is still an unsolved mystery.

Today, we will talk about a boy who claims to remember his past life which he has spent on Mars as a Martian.

Boris Kipriyanovich(Boriska) from Zhirinovsk, Russia was born on 11th Jan 1996. His mother, a local doctor, noticed some unusual things in him that the baby boy was able to hold his head after 15 days of his birth. He began talking at the age of 4 months, at 8 months he could speak in sentences and at age 2 he could read. His incredible memory and language skills went noticed by his tutor when he started Kindergarten at the age of 2.

Boriska’s mother stated in an interview:

“No one has ever taught him, Sometimes he would sit in a lotus position and start telling us detailed facts about Mars, planetary systems, and other civilizations, which really puzzled us.”

Space became his favourite subject when he turned 3. At an occasion, he said that he used to live on Mars. He says that the planet is inhabited now too, although it lost its atmosphere after a mammoth catastrophe. The Martians live in underground cities.

The boy also said that he used to fly to Earth for research purposes when he was a Martian.

“People from Mars travelled in many galaxies and planetary systems. There were ships of an airplane type. They were triangular. There were ships like a drop.”

He said that these ships used plasma power, ion power. If they used gasoline the fuel ran out too fast, the engines were too powerful.

He also talked about teleportation, saying that

“portal is the same like teleport. It slows down time and opens a kind of a portal where time is speeding up fast…I can’t say exactly. I don’t remember. It opens on one side and in a few seconds or even minutes if the transfer is far away it opens another area of space.”

According to Borisko, Martians breathe CO2. He tells that there were many bloody wars on the planet which destroyed the atmosphere and changed the people drastically.

Boriska has deep knowledge of space and its dimensions. He is also aware of the UFOs. In an interview he was asked about his past, he answered but he had trouble remembering the accurate thing. He was not able to recall his memory apparently.

He faced lots of difficulties in school times where he used to interrupt teachers that they are pretty much wrong and after that school staff tried to get rid of him and then the boy started taking classes with a private tutor.

Watch Boriska’s Interview:

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