Tanushree Dutta wants Nana Patekar to undergo lie detector test

The latest update in Tanushree Dutt and Nana Patekar fiasco is that the actress has filed a fresh complaint with the police to conduct a narco analysis, brain mapping and lie detector test of the accused veteran actor.

Tanushree has been constantly alleging that Nana is trying to influence the matter with his power. Therefore she has requested police to immediately arrest him and conduct a lie detector test.

As per a leading news website, the actress has claimed that she has witnesses against Nana but they are scared to come forward. She has further stated that only when they arrest Nana, the witnesses will come forward. Also, it’s been said that the accused is trying to bring false witnesses to impact the case so a lie detector test for further investigation is a must.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of Tanushree has said that even though police has been really helpful to them but they haven’t even sent summons to the accused yet. He further said that if it was the case with a common man than he would’ve been arrested by now.

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