Tanmay Bhat wants to play heroine in Priyanka Chopra’s show


Yesterday, we told you about Priyanka Chopra producing a comedy show on the life of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit for US network ABC. The moment, when Variety, the famous magazine of US tweeted about the news, it went viral and people started giving their views on it.

The news became more interesting when Tanmay Bhatt appreciated Priyanka on Twitter. He said:

“God Damn @priyankachopra can’t wait!”


Kunal Nayyar, the famous British Indian-American actor, and writer, also shared some words, which led to a funny fight between Tanmay and Kunal. See Kunal’s tweet:

“In case you need a beautiful heroine @priyankachopra I’m available!”


After seeing his tweet, Tanmay jumped into the conversation and replied him in his own way:

“Get in line Nayyar”


Then, a third person joined them, Kal Penn, the American actor said:

“Oh shit I’m in THIRD position?!”


Finally, Priyanka had to calm them down and she said:

“Boys don’t fight.. this is an equal opportunity project! @thetanmay @kunalnayyar”


It was interesting to see all these boys fighting to get even a heroine’s role in Priyanka’s show.

But we think Tanmay is missing out something here. If you remember, a few months ago, Tanmay Bhatt led team AIB offered Sunil Grover to work with them and told him that you don’t need to wear a lady’s clothes while performing and now if we can clearly see his tweet, how desperately he wants to act as a lady.

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