Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar doing a show with Colors?


After the ever extending ugly spat between Sunil Grover & Kapil Sharma, there were speculations that the two might get back together again for The Kapil Sharma Show. But seems like Sunil Grover is firm on his decision and is planning to answer Kapil’s question in a strong way.

So, as per the latest reports, Sunil Grover along with Ali Asgar is planning to start a new TV show and that too on Kapil’s rival channel Colors. Can you believe? But that might be true in coming days.

A source told DNA –

“Kapil and Colors don’t get along and their public fight was not just ugly but for everyone to see. Colors hasn’t forgiven Kapil yet and the reasons remained the same – his regular tantrums and attitude. Today, the same behavioural traits have cost him a few friends and soon, he will land up with no work if this continues. Colors has planned to start a comedy show of its own with Sunil Grover and they are also in talks with Ali Asgar, who along with Sunil has boycotted The Kapil Sharma Show.”

Now this is going to be a real fight. On Social Media, Kapil is already facing lot of wrath and all the support is going to Sunil. Now as he comes with Colors both of them will ensure to lead on TV’s also.

Meanwhile, it is also being said that Sony TV is planning to stop The Kapil Sharma show as its has come down on public interest.

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