Sridevi gets hurt over Bahubali director Rajamouli’s comments regarding her demands


Bahubali director SS Rajamouli made huge waves in media when he revealed why he ended up choosing Ramya Krishna for the role of “Sivagami” when he approached Sridevi first.

Rajamouli stated in an interview that they had to skip Sridevi due to high remuneration and other demands like 5 business class tickets whenever she has to fly to Hyderabad and fly back. He also told that Sridevi wanted share in the profits but and they feel lucky that she refused to do the film. Checkout the interview with subtitles below –

Sridevi who was hurt by Rajamouli’s comments finally broke her silence on this controversy and confessed something in an interview with a Telugu channel. She said:

“I never took anything about this matter to the heart. But, I saw a Rajamouli interview and I was shocked and hurt by it. I have heard about Rajamouli, he is a calm and dignified person. I have seen his movie Eega and was very happy to work with him. He is a great technician but the way he spoke about the issue made me feel very sad,”

She further added-

“I could not be part of many films in my career due to various reasons. But I don’t know why only this film is being talked about. Baahubali part 1 and part 2 came out and both became big hits. And I don’t understand why people still talk about it,”

Talking about her experience in industry and 50 years film career she said that no film maker has ever put these kind of allegations on her. If she had such demands, she wouldn’t have survived in the industry for so long.

“People in the industry would have sent me packing if I was like that. But, when you hear such things about yourself, you really get hurt. I don’t know if the producer wrongly told Rajamouli that I made all these demands or there could have been some miscommunication. I think it is not in good taste to speak on a public platform like this,”

Sridevi is busy promoting her upcoming film Mom which will be 300th film of her career. Mom is set to be released on 7 July 2017.

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