Shemaroo uploads a comedy video from Bhagam Bhag, Netizens are loving their timing

Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar’s controversy has taken the country by storm. The topic has become the biggest debate of current times and observers say it’s just a start.

Amidst all the allegations by Tanushree on Nana and the veteran actor denying it, Shemaroo has uploaded a comedy scene from their 2006 comedy film Bhagam Bhag. In the scene, we see Akshay Kumar’s character trying to take se*ual advances of Tanushree Dutta’s character. When she shouts and calls for help, he starts yellling “Behen Darr Gayi, Behen Darr Gayi”.

What follows next is an ironical yet hilarious situation. The alleged tries to save his grace by shaming the victim for her character. He talks about how she has no problem getting intimate with Govinda’s character but makes a scene when  it comes to him.

Now, netizens have found a striking resemblance of this scene with what’s happening recently. They are loving how Shemaroo has used an old video to make a subtle comment on the current situation. Watch the video-

Have a look at the comments-

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