Sanjay Dutt’s first daughter Trishala unhappy of Sanju?


Sanjay Dutt who is married to Maanayata and has two kids Shahraan and Iqra from her is extremely close to his first daughter Trishala as well. Trishala is Sanjay Dutt’s daughter from his late wife Richa Sharma who left the world after a long fight with cancer.

Trishala and Sanjay Dutt’s PDA is quite popular on Instagram and sh’s also quite fond of Maanayata. All of them have enjoyed vacations together many times. However, it was surprising to see no mention of Trishala in Sanjay Dutt’s recently released Biopic and this seems to have hurt her as well.

As per reports by a section of media Trishala feels to be left out in the Sanjay Dutt biopic and is not happy with the fact that she has not been shown in the film. Well, the film has featured Maanayata, Shahraan and Iqra and we totally understand the sentiments of Trishala who must be wanting to have atleast a slight mention of her. To add to the woes, even Richa Sharma was not shown in the film even though she was a very important part of Sanjay’s life.

However, if we go by the statement of a source close to Sanjay Dutt then it’s all wrong. The source says-

“Trishala didn’t fit into the plot. Sanjay Dutt has had three marriages, but the film’s writer Abhijat Joshi was asked to focus on his current marriage with Manyata.”

The source also added that Trishala knew that she was not a part of the film even before the release-

“They were both clued into what was happening. In fact, Trishala was informed. She knew she wasn’t part of the film before it released.”

Well, if that’s the case there’s nothing better than it.

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