Salman Khan was on the hit list of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi. Check details


Salman Khan’s upcoming film’s title is Race 3 and the superstar is also in race with his troubles in real life. We all saw how much the black buck case troubled Salman and now it’s been revealed that he was on the hit list of a gangster named Lawrence Bishnoi.

As per TOI reports, Haryana Police has informed that the gangster had sent sharpshooter Sampat Nehra to survey the actor’s movements in order to plan an attack. The police has claimed that the sharpshooter Sampat Nehra has now been arrested by the special task force of Haryana Police.

The police has also reported that Nehra was working on the directions of Lawrence Bishnoi, who had earlier threatened to harm the life of the superstar in connection with the blackbuck case.

The police said Nehra conducted a survey in the first week of May and was planning another recce in Mumbai before the final action. The gangster was planning to escape from the country after completing his plans

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Haryana STF Satheesh Balan told TOI-

“In the first week of May, Sampat Nehra was in Mumbai and surveyed the house of Salman Khan and the timing when he comes out in the balcony of his house to wave to his fans. He tried to find out the distance to the balcony and had even taken few photographs of the house,”

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