Priyanka Chopra says I want to get married and have a cricket team of children


The international star Priyanka Chopra is usually very tight-lipped about her personal life but not all the time as she is now finally talking about her marriage plans.

In a recent award function she shared her wedding plans and told that she will marry as soon as she’ll find a suitable guy.

Now in an interview with Indian Express she spilled some more beans regarding her plans. She said:

“My mother has told me to marry a man who can appreciate the hard work I have done until now. Definitely, I want to get married and have a cricket team of children but finding a suitable match for seems to be a difficult task.”

Earlier, a web portal asked her about the same and then also she answered the same that marriage is certainly on the cards. She said:

“Marriage is definitely on the cards, but will happen when the time is right. It will happen when it is destined to. If I do decide to take the plunge, it would be with someone who understands and supports that. At the end of the day, two people make a relationship work. It will take an understanding and prioritisation from both.”

She also gave her opinion, when asked about Padmavati controversy, she said:

“I feel like I should call Deepika and Sanjay sir and tell my opinion to them. And this is exactly what I did. I called them and told I stand by them and hope that audience gets to see the film. The art that Sanjay Leela Bhansali believes in should be viewed by everyone.”

She further added:

“When you use my name as a public figure from Indian film industry and flash my opinion on the ticker, I feel used. By asking this question over and over again you are doing the same. You are asking me a question about another film and filmmaker instead of talking about me and my career.”

Talking about her work, she has started shooting for the third season of hit series Quantico and will be seen in Hollywood films like A Kid Like Jake and Isn’t It Romantic.

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