Pihu’s trailer is another level of scary. Netizens can’t dare to watch film

Horror genre in Bollywood has been very ill treated and ill presented in India. However, things have started changing this year. Bollywood saw relatively better horror films with Pari, Stree (a horror comedy) and Tumbbad and then Netflix changed the game totally with Ghoul.

Now before the year ends, there’s another scary story waiting for the the audience who love horror films. The trailer of Pihu has just released on the Internet and it talks about a 2 YO girl struggling for her needs alone in her house where her parents are in a de*d state. What she goes through is enough scary that you find it tough to complete the trailer.

Let alone, the people with weak hearts even those who call themselves the fans of horror can’t prepare their mind to watch the film. Have a look at some of the reactions of people on YouTube after watching the trailer.

What do you think after watching the trailer?

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