Pahlaj Nahlani gets awkward when reporter asked him about final verdict regarding JHMS issue


Recently, CBFC chief Pahlaj Nihalani banned Imtiaz Ali’s Jab Harry Met Sejal(JHMS) mini trail as it has word “Intercourse” and according to him, it is not accepted by the society. He had demanded 1 lakh votes to keep the “Intercourse” word in (JHMS) promos.

A TV news channel Mirror Now started a poll on their Twitter channel and asked users to vote their opinion. Not just they got more than 1 lakh participants, the results were also in the favour of word.

mirror poll snapshot

A reporter was sent by Mirror Now to take the reaction of Pahlaj Nahlani regarding his plan after the voting.

Now many would’ve expected that Pahlaj will make an important announcement regarding his changed decision but here’s how he reacted-

As per the video shared on social media, here’s what happened between reporter and Pahlaj-

Reporter: “What do you have to say now, youth is with us”

Pahlaj Nihalani stays silent and he did not utter a single word after he says “Don’t follow me”. Reporter followed him in the elevator and kept on asking:

“We have got the votes, what do you have to say now”

Nihalani gets annoyed, stands in a corner and wait for his floor to come and then leave the elevator without answering the reporter.  Watch the video:

Well, the decision made by CBFC is just nothing but absurd. What about the abusive words which is used in some of our Bollywood movies. They just need to step back and withdraw the decision as it doesn’t give any negative vibes to the young age.

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