Mumbai Police may close the AIB case for this reason!


AIB controversy about posting a Narendra Modi meme with Dog Filter has taken another turn now. Mumbai Police officials will have to close the investigation as the case is very weak.

Legal experts Majeed Memon, Abha Singh & Dr Olav Albuquerque, said that in this type of case, the aggrieved person (Narendra Modi) should file the defamation case.

Albuquerque said the police can file an FIR only when they have consent of Modi or any of his relatives.

Well, he has a valid point.

If we look back into the controversy, Police filed FIR after being told by a Twitter user Reetesh Maheshwari who is not even known by Narendra Modi. Neither, Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor any of his relatives showed any kind of objection.

Police officials are also investigating the thing and they have come to a result that the case won’t stand in the court. So they may close it as the case is very weak.

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