#MeToo: Anu Malik lifted my skirt and unzipped his pants – More girls share their horrific stories

After singer Sona Mohapatra mentioned the name of music composer Anu Malik in #MeToo Row, singer Shweta Pandit came ahead and alleged him for asking a kiss from her when she was 15 years old.

Two more girls have come ahead now and have reported their horrific experiences with Anu Malik.

A woman anonymously told a leading daily that she met him first in 1990 at Mehboob studio where he tried rubbing her. On finding her uncomfortable, he gave a meek apology. However, his behaviour in future got only worse when they met on a fundraiser.

The girl tells that Anu sat along with her on sofa at his home and she felt trapped because his family was not at home. He lifted her skirt and unzipped his pants. She tried to escape as the doorbell rang and he got involved with the delivery boy. That’s when Anu got hold of her through a narrow passage and apologized saying that he is a passionate guy. He also told her to not mention the incident in front of anyone because no one would believe her. He also threatened her to not go to the police because he knows people there. He then offered to drop her at home and that’s when he took the car to an empty maidan, stopped there, dropped his pants and told her to lick him. When she refused, he pulled her by hair and stuffed her head in his lap, hurling abuses as he did so. Thankfully, a security guard tapped on the window at that moment. As he spoke to the guard, she unlocked the door and ran for life.”

Another survivor tells that she was harassed by Anu Malik 7 years back. The girl who is a budding singer tells that she had met several music composers and one of them being Anu. The girl recalls that her first meeting with him was fine but she was scarred by what happened during the second meeting at Sahara Studios, Goregaon. She said that Anu asked her if she has a boyfriend and when she said, No, he said – “Oh, so you don’t even have anyone to hold you, you must be so lonely.’ He also asked her to wear a chiffon sari when she meets him next time. When girl decided to leave, he got up and hugged her and started running his hands of her body. She was panicked to understand that the studio was soundproof and no one would hear if she screams. The girl pushed him back and asked, ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ Calling him a “sick pervert”, the girl tells that he immediately broke into his presumably rehearsed line: ‘No, I am happy with my wife, I am a sensitive man!’. She rushed out and was only relived when she was out on road. When she told the incident to a friend who is the daughter of a successful singer, she said, “Anu Mama strikes again”

The girl also told that she was requested to participate in Indian Idol 10 as a wild card entry but she refused because she didn’t want to be judged by the talentless hack.

When asked why didn’t she report the matter to police, she said- “How would I prove what he did? I doubt there were any CCTV cameras back then. I was all alone in the city and taking up a police case was not something I could do.”

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