“Mere ghar mein aag lagi hui hai”, Salman’s father shouts on journalist


Salman Khan got the bail relief in the black buck poaching case but his father and veteran writer Salim Khan seems to be still struggling to get over the pain.

A journalist from Deccan Chronicle approached Salim Khan to ask him about Salman Khan’s upcoming film Bharat which talks about the father-son bond. However, Salim Khan was too angry and gave an impulsive statement instead. He said that everyone in the family is worried about the future of Salman.

“Mere ghar mein aag lagi hui hai. Mere bachchon ke saath problems chal rahi hain, aur aap pooch rahi hain ki ‘kaise hai aap?’ (My house is on fire. My children are facing problems and you are asking me ‘how are you?’)” Salim Khan was quoted as saying by DC.

He further added-

“I remember the media going berserk when Salman was sentenced to five years in jail. During my morning walks, reporters from various channels would shove their mics into my face and ask me silly questions.”

Later when Salim Khan calmed down, the journalist clarified that the question is about Salman Khan’s upcoming film Bharat and his thoughts on Salman considering his father his hero. He then said-

“It is undisputedly the love and respect of the children for their father that makes them consider him their hero. A father, being the head of the family, plays a pivotal role in our society. Children look up to their fathers. Ab yeh meri taareef samjhun? Yeh uska badappan hai ki woh mujhe apna hero maanta hai? (Should I consider this a compliment? It is Salman’s large-heartedness that he considers me his hero).”

He further added-

“I feel all over the world, children have a special love for their fathers. I feel all fathers try to fulfill their duty towards their family and especially towards their children.”

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