Mahira Khan comes back on social media with a bang


A lot was said about Ranbir and Mahira Khan’s leaked pictures and if there was one person who was most affected by it, she was Mahira. People trolled and shamed her so badly that she decided to keep away from social media. There were also reports that she was not keeping well after the incident.

But now Mahira has come back on the social platform Twitter. However, unlike many would’ve been expecting from her, Mahira has not posted any clarification regarding the incident. Her first tweet after the incident was quite unapologetic and fresh which hinted that she’s in no mood to apologize or do anything like that.

A fan on Twitter asked her to just come back:

“@TheMahiraKhan aap aa jao yaar”

And Mahira replied the fan with just one word. She said:

“Aaagayi .. :)”

See the screenshots:



This one word actually made the fan happy.

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