Kesari: Akshay Kumar injures his ribs while shooting for an action packed scene


Akshay Kumar who is known to shoot films at the lightening fast speed is currently in Wai, Maharashtra where he is shooting for his upcoming war film Kesari. The latest reports from the sets are that Khiladi Kumar has injured his ribs while shooting an action packed scene in the film.

The superstar was immediately advised to take a break and travel back to Mumbai through a chopper that was on standby. However, he refused to do so and decided to be there opting to rest for a while in the local accommodation.

As per the reports, Akshay will decide today if he is ready to get back to shoot or needs to travel back to Mumbai.

Kesari is based on the epic Battle Of Sargarhi that is remembered for the bravery of 21 Sikh Soldiers who fought with all their might till last breath. Anurag Singh directed Kesari is almost complete as only 20% of the film is left to be shot which includes the grand battle sequence.

The film which stars Parineeti Chopra opposite Akshay Kumar is set to release on Holi 2019.

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