Karan Johar is ready to patch up with Kangana Ranaut after a big fight over Nepotism


The endless Nepotism debate of year 2017 has been carry forwarded to next year with a twist. The matter became the hottest topic of last year after Karan Johar was tagged as the flag-bearer of Nepotism by Kangana Ranaut and then he put himself into a big trouble by creating a mess with a joke over Kangana with Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan at an award function.

With the start of 2018, Karan doesn’t want to bring those moments again. Nowadays, Karan is busy with a new reality show “India’s Next Superstars”, which will be telecasted on Star Plus from January 13 and he will be seen as one of the judges of this show with Rohit Shetty. As per DNA report, he was asked, if Kangana Ranaut would be invited on the show, he said:

“I am sure when Star Plus invites her we will be happy to have her. Our heart is big, our house is open to all. We will happily, lovingly and respectfully welcome her on the show.”

The tagline of the show is “Na Khaandaan Na Sifaarish” and when asked about the famous tag “Nepotism”, he said:

“I don’t think this tagline was an answer from my side to anything. Lot of people want to be part of the entertainment industry but it is difficult to find a platform. We are providing this platform to all those who are talented.”

Karan also talked about the stardom, he said:

“It is difficult to define superstar, if we knew the meaning then there would be millions of superstars. It’s a feeling that an actor and audience has. It is organic. You don’t know why you love Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan or Sridevi or Madhuri Dixit. It is something that they all bring on celluloid and the way they connect with the audience. They have an instant family connect with the audience.”

Karan also defined his job on the new show, he added:

“Our job as a director is to find talent and with this show we are just going to continue doing that. Our aim is to provide new talent to the industry. There is a responsibility so we will be both a friend and a hard taskmaster. We might have to scold them at times when needed,”

The show format is unique and it will have 20 new faces, who will be locked down inside an house for training, which has fitness, dancing, acting and personality development.

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