Kapil’s behavior with Sunil was much dirtier than you heard. Read on…

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Kapil and Sunil Grover’s famous fight in the plane is well known to everyone but it was much dirtier than we knew. Just when team Sony and others might be trying to fill the cracks in Kapil and Sunil’s friendship, we get some nasty revelations which make the things worse.

According to Hindustan Times,  Kapil Sharma who was one bottle down threw his shoe on Sunil Grover and slapped him repeatedly. The reason will shock you beyond limits.

So the cast and crew of The Kapil Sharma Show were onboard a 12-hour flight from Melbourne to Mumbai on March 16. An eyewitness, who spoke to Hindustan Times told that Kapil Sharma had consumed an entire bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey and was visibly drunk. His team began eating food which was served by the cabin crew soon after take off from Melbourne. This made Kapil furious who expected others to wait for him as he was still drinking.

Kapil said, “Jab maine khana shuru nahi kiya toh tum logon ne kaise le liya khana?” and his tone was so loud that it made other co-passengers take note of the trouble. The eyewitness said that Kapil’s co-stars also became so uncomfortable that they preferred to return their half-finished food trays to the crew.

The eyewitness said that Kapil’s team-mates also became so uncomfortable that they preferred to return their half-finished food trays to the crew.

This is when Sunil Grover, who plays Dr. Mashoor Gulati on the show, stood up and tried to take charge and calm Kapil down. According to the same Hindustan Times report, the eyewitness revealed that Kapil became so furious that, ‘he got up, took off his shoe, and hit Sunil. He even pulled Sunil’s collar, and repeatedly slapped him.’

The scuffle became so dirty that it could be heard by the passengers in the economy class too. Kapil’s team said they were too scared of Kapil’s behaviour. The eyewitness said that Kapil, on top of his voice, said, “Tum logon ko maine banaya hai. Sabka career khatam kar dunga. Sabko nikaal dunga main.”

Kapil did not stop there. Pointing out at Sunil’s exit from Comedy Nights With Kapil, the drunk Kapil went on repeating to Sunil, “Gaya tha na tu toh. Aaya na wapas mere hi paas.”

The cabin crew threatened Kapil of calling the security upon landing but to no avail.

Kapil reportedly called Kiku Sharda and Ali Asgar daily wage earners. He also threatened to destroy their careers.

Now that’s hard-hitting and is not expected from a comedian who is loved by most of the people in our nation.

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