Janhvi Kapoor was in trouble and Ishaan Khatter protected him like a true man. Beautiful


Janhvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khatter have kickstarted the promotions of Dhadak which is all set to release on 20th July. The first leg of promotions started in Jaipur, Rajasthan and now they are back in Mumbai.

Apart from being co-stars, Janhvi and Ishaan are also great friends and their cute photos and video have always been loved by fans.

After promoting the film in a Mumbai mall recently, Janhvi and Ishaan had to pose for paparazzi. However, there was huge crowd of fans waiting for them. As soon as Janhvi and Ishaan came outside they were mobbed by fans for selfies. The scene made Janhvi extremely nervous and she was trying to hide herself from so many people.

Ishaan came to her rescue like a true man here and protected her from the crowd with all his might. Watch the video below-

Isn’t that amazing? We are so glad to see the kind of friendship between the two is not limited to being cute.

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