Janhvi Kapoor and cousins trolled for posting Birthday pics days after Sridevi’s death


Sridevi’s sudden and untimely death has left everyone with a void in hearts. All her family members and fans are still under grief and are struggling to find happiness.

Days after the death of Sridevi, her eldest daughter Janhvi turned 21. In order to give a happy tribute to Sridevi on the occasion that was very close to her heart, all the cousin’s of Janhvi i.e. Sonam, Rhea, Anshula, Jahaan, Shanaya and even Khushi Kapoor collaborated for a low key dinner.

They all sit together and tried to forget sadness for a while. A couple of pictures were shared on social media too.

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Many fans were happy to see the Kapoor family together but some of them were upset They didn’t like the fact that Janhvi and cousins were happily posing for pics even after such a big loss. Here’s how they commented-

1) They got over it fast.

2) Shame on you all..As a fan of Sri Devi mam unke sudden death hone se Abhi tak sadme mein hun sath hi life v normally track pe laut nahi paye..N you all of you celebrate birthday with big smile just after one week of her death.. Big Shame 💔💔💔💔

3) U should not b celebrating her birthday as her mother was responsible for Ur mother pain nd sorrow

4) Ye galat kiye aap ne friends aap ko birthday nahi manana chahiye tha ok friends buralage to sorry

5) @yanlaxi agree that one should move on in life but here how can this girls enjoy within few days of their mother’s death and that too it’s a sudden death.

6)They all laughing like nothing happened

7) Whole nation is still mourning and coming to the terms of untimely demise of Sridevi but it seems nothing has affected this family. How can Janhvi even think of celebrating her birthday when it’s not even 15 days past for her mom’s death?
Even though it’s to cheer up this girls, but deep inside somewhere they must have missed their mom and it could have shown on their face. What I see here in the pic is they are least bother and smiling and giggling as if nothing has happened. And whole nation is worried for Sridevi’s daughters, how will they manage without her now? See here they already forgot that their mom has died few days before. Kuch toh sharam karo Janhvi and Khushi.

8) It baffles me how someone can even feel like celebrating their birthday just DAYS after losing the most significant person in their life so suddenly. I have no words.

Take a look at few of the many comments that came in their favour.

1) @farzana_sheikh112 A smiling face doesn’t mean they have forgotten about their mum’s death .People can’t and no one should expect them to be sad ..pray for their happiness rather than wanting them to cry ..have some compassion 🙏

2) @farzana_sheikh112 Jhanvi just turned 21, her sisters have thrown surprise birthday party just to cheer her up. Photo is a point in time thing, if she & others smile in the picture at that moment, doesn’t mean they have forgotten their mother’s loss. Of all the losses, losing mother is soul wrenchingly painful .Give the 2 young kids & others to grieve,don’t hurt them with insensitive comments. Evidently, you are doing this out of your love for Sri Devi, but in reality, its adding more pain to her loved ones.

3) @anshulakapoor if you would go by what kind of stuff people are posting, then every day will be mournful for your sisters! Cant believe people have no hearts to let them live and move on!
You are a great soul Anshula for being there and making them smile. God bless you and your sisters ❤️

4) @janhvikapoor you are really blessed to have a godly family it’s good to see you smile again I don’t know what the pain must be to loose some one so near and dear but I do know that if #Sridevi were still here she would go all out to celebrate your birthday.. baby steps to the light of happiness and I really hope you guys all come out of this soon lots of love and a bag full of hugs @anshulakapoor @arjunkapoor @sonamkapoor it’s nice to see you guys bonding 😍😍😍😂

5) @chit_chat_giggle u should go fix ur shitty life , before commenting on others. It’s great that they are celebrating life and not death ! Their mom would hav wished the same for them !! So stop being such a low life !

6) Exactly! It’s their business. Why do ppl hv to feel so frustrated?

7) Shame people, who make fun of others’ feelings. Do you even know how does it feel when your mother dies ? What is the pain of being separated from mother ? If you had known, some people would never say such nonsense, expression of face, can never tell about how much pain in the human heart.

8) To all those in the comment section saying how Janhvi can celebrate and be happy just a few days after her mother’s death. 1. You can’t judge a person’s state of mind from a single picture. She’s probably trying to hide her pain when she smiles. 2. It was a surprise birthday celebration planned by her loving sisters. If you think it’s wrong to spend time with loved ones in order to heal, please see a psychiatrist. 3. Stop talking about her mother like you people knew her and what she wanted. Most mothers generally want their children to be happy and loved. 4. If you can’t say anything nice..why say anything at all? Let those girls heal. I don’t see any of you trying to help. Stop worrying about them and look after your own lives.

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