Is Karan Singh Grover stalking his ex-wife Jennifer Winget on Instagram?


It’s been quite some time since Karan Singh Grover divorced Jennifer Winget and more than a year he married Bipasha Basu. Post the marriage, both Karan & Bipasha have come around a really happy couple who can’t get off each other.

Their lovey-dovey photos are Big Hit on Instagram as fans keep on gushing over it. However, the twist in the tale came when a “like” of Karan Singh Grover was noticed on a photo update of Jennifer. The matter became hotter when KSG instantly unliked the pic.


Now, this makes us think why would Karan unlike the photo of Jennifer after liking it? Was he feared of Bipasha? No, we don’t think so, because she herself liked one of her updates last month. Well, there can be another case here.

Since KSG is not following Jennifer’s Instagram account,  it might be possible that he accidentally liked the pic while scrolling through it. Yes, stalking might be the case here.

However, there is another possibility too. Maybe he was just scrolling through the Instagram search section and he saw the photo as a suggestion there. Well, whatever it was, it surely skipped a beat of Karan & Jennifer’s mutual fans. What say?

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