Indians are rude, I’ve been clicked without permission says Richa Chadha

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha who is famous for her performance in films like Fukrey, Masaan, Sarabjit recently said that she finds Indians rude as they click her without taking necessary permission.


“Indians are rude. I have been in situations where I have not even been asked for a picture and people are already clicking. I feel we need to learn how to respect boundaries,” said Richa Chadha while talking with HT.

She further adds that there are times when she likes to “do her own thing”, but can’t because of the fact that she is a public figure.

“I like to buy fruits, go cycling. But I can’t do that. This loss of anonymity is a big drawback,” she says.

However, she has come up with a way to overcome this.

“For the longest time, I felt that people don’t recognise me. Then there were times when I would disguise myself. So I bought a pair of glasses and wore that. That worked for a while. Then, there were times when I would cover my face with the cloth, the way people do to avoid the sun. I got away a few times as well!” she said.

Richa Chadha is also active on Twitter and doesn’t mind speaking against the matters she feel needs to. For this reason, she often finds herself surrounding with controversies.

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