India vs Bangladesh Semi Final: Here’s what Virat Kohli has to say

Pakistan defeated England cricket team to enter Final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017, and now all eyes are on India vs Bangladesh Semi Final. There is an immense excitement among Indian Cricket fans who are sure that Indian team will defeat Bangladesh, thus making its way to the final.


Further, India vs Pakistan Final is the ultimate dream match for both countries.

Ahead of the Semi Final with Bangladesh, Indian team captain and batsman Virat Kohli was asked about his thoughts regarding opponents and here’s what he said-

“They are in the Top 8 sides in the world so obviously they are playing really good cricket, and they are doing lot of things right to be in that position. And as I said they have cricketers who are skilled, who are committed to play for Bangladesh and play with a lot of passion and they are really keen to win a lot of games at this level and that shows in their attitude”

Further praising the Bangladesh team he said that they are a very competitive team-

“Even the other day, I thought they were outstanding the way they applied themselves and chased the total down. They showed a lot of composure and patience and that is always the sign of a side that is mature enough, that knows how to win matches from difficult situations, so they are a very competitive side”

It’s great to see Virat not taking his opponents too easy. This will help him give, and take the best out of the team during the match in the day. Here’s wishing that India wins the Semi Final and Final too.

Video Credit: NDTV

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