Heartbroken Mawra skipped wishing Ranbir Kapoor Happy Birthday this time


Earlier, we reported to you about how Mawra Hocane was heartbroken after seeing Ranbir Mahira’s viral pictures and couldn’t control herself tweeting some sad poetries to express her pain. She had a huge crush on Ranbir Kapoor earlier but it seems like she is trying to move on now.

Mawra and Ranbir share the same birthday date i.e. September 28th. Last year, Mawra wished him on her Twitter account and it was evident that she adores him madly. Read what she wrote:

“Happy Birthday RK! It feels terrific to share my birthday with the person I adore the most on the face of the planet!! @AeDilHaiMushkil ”

See the screenshot:


However, we couldn’t stop noticing it when she skipped wishing him this time. Is this because of those viral pictures?

Meanwhile, check out how Mawra celebrated her Birthday.










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