Have you stopped being yourself in a relationship? Here’s an expert advise for you


There is no dubiety in saying when you fall in love, get into a relationship; a beautiful phase of life starts. You feel great, start doing new things together and even those which you used to do for yourself.

As the relationship grows, your personality changes. You stop thinking about yourself and always think of your partner which is good but not for the long run as you stop being yourself and start regretting about the things you don’t do for yourself. That’s what a counsellor says “Don’t stop being yourself.”

Each person has its own identity and character which helps everyone to build the relationship firm. Here are things you need to follow to sustain your committed relationship:

1. It is very important that partner should respect and accept each other’s differences. With that, you will be able to handle each other’s nature.

2. Love your partner but love yourself more. Today’s life is about fulfilment, satisfaction, your as well as your partner’s needs. Work on yourself, think of yourself and give time to your personality.

3. There should be a balance in relationships which needs to be maintained. Go out with your friends or colleagues and make sure to spend quality time with your partner to discuss about the day you had.

4. Give space to your partner and don’t interrupt while they are having a conversation or going out with their friends until and unless they ask you to. You don’t need to be doubtful all the time.

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