Exclusive: It’s every actor’s dream to work with Govinda – Varun Sharma

He made his Bollywood debut in 2013 with comedy Fukrey. The film emerged a Hit and his character “Choocha” became iconic. After that there has been no looking back for Varun Sharma who has just kept on strengthening his feet in the industry as an actor.

The talented actor has worked in several Hit Bollywood films like Dolly Ki Doli, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon, Dilwale, Fukrey 2 and many interesting films are lined up like Arjun Patiala and Chhichhore.

Meanwhile, his latest film Fryday which features him alongside comedy king Govinda has just released. Around Fryday’s release, Varun Sharma gets into an exclusive interaction with us and talks about his experience of working with Govinda and also his upcoming projects. Here are some excerpts-

Q.  Varun your film’s name is Fryday. In industry we know Friday is big. It can make you a star and it can turn out to be a Fryday literally. If life gives you a chance to go back and fix that Fryday. You get a chance to not sign a film that you regret, which film it will be?

A. There’s absolutely no film that I’ve worked in and I am not proud of it. So there’s no Friday in my life as of now in which I have felt fried and regret doing a movie.

Q. This is your second film with Abhishek. How has been the association? Are you planning to come together for the 3rd time again?

A. Abhishek has been a friend ever since we did our first film Dolly Ki Doli together. I will really want to work with him in more films because there’s no hesitation and you don’t have to think two times asking questions or you know chat about anything. So, I think it’s really interesting to work with friends and ofcourse if there’s a script that you mutually like, I am sure we can work together and there will be more films happening together.

Q. So you’ve worked with the Comedy King Govinda in the film. Tell us one good thing about him and one thing that you want to change?

A. There are many things that I like about him as a human being and as an actor. What personally, one lesson that I’ve learnt from him is that till date it’s his 155th or 160th film but he rehearses every dialogue every scene ‘n’ number of times and he tries on different variations, whichever comes out best, he goes for that. So I really want to implement that in my life and even practicing to that. Dislike, I think there’s nothing that I dislike about him. I think I’ve always looked upto him as an actor. I am a 90’s kid so I’ve listened his songs and have mimicked his scenes. He’s one of the most amazing actors that we have in our country, so it will wrong to say that I dislike any of his quality. I think he is a fantastic human being and a fantastic actor. There’s a lot to learn from him.

Q. Oh ok! So, you don’t want to change anything about him? 

A. I don’t actually.

Q. You have  Arjun Patiala lined up which has Kriti Sanon and Diljit Dosanjh along with you. If we are not wrong, you are playing Onida Singh in it. Can you tell us a bit about that character because it looks very interesting to us.

A. I can’t share much about the character but yes it’s in post production right now and we are gonna be out with the release date very soon. It’s a buddy cop film in which both Diljit and me are playing cops and Kriti is playing the role of a journalist.

Q. You shot for the film in Punjab which is basically your home. So any kind of nostalgia that you felt while shooting.

A. I think nostalgia always takes place while shooting up north whether it is Arjun Patiala or Fryday that we shot in Delhi. I think the warmth that we get while shooting in your own home state is something very beautiful and the love and admiration that you get in your home state, you can’t beat that off, so for me it was a very pleasant experience always, whether it’s been Fukrey, Fukrey Returns, Arjun Patiala. As many times as I go North, I always cherish being in that part of the country.

Q. Chhichhore was announced recently. Anything about the starcast that you can share with us?

A.  (Laughs and dodges the questions) Arey nahi nahi Bhai abhi main uske baare mein baat nahi kar sakta, poster hi aaya hai uska (Brother, I can’t talk about that as of now, only poster has come so far)

Q. So anything you can share with us, like you must be really excited for the film, please tell us something.

A. I am just very very excited to be directed under the guidance of Mr. Nitesh Tiwari sir. I think he is one of the finest directors that we have in our country. And in the initial stage of my career, I am getting a chance to be in a Sajid Nadiadwala Productions so that makes me feel really happy and proud. I am really looking forward to the film and having a lot of fun while filming it.

Q. Varun, #MeToo campaign is really heating up. Can you share a little bit about what do you exactly feel about it?

A. I think it’s very courageous coming out and speaking about it. All I can say is that it’s very hard to do that and they have to gather a lot of guts to say it. I just hope the justice takes place.

Q. Have you ever been in front of someone who has misused their power?

A. I have’t.

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