Exclusive: If I get a chance, I can make a film with Govinda every year – Abhishek Dogra

After making a successful debut with comedy film Dolly Ki Doli, director Abhishek Dogra is now gearing up for the release of his next film Fryday. Starring comedy king Govinda along with much loved Varun Sharma, Fryday is among the films with a good buzz in the market. The trailers of the film are well accepted by the audience and entertaining music is yet another highlight.

A couple of days before the release of Fryday, Abhishek gets in touch with us for an exclusive interview. Here are some excerpts-

Q. Your first film was Dolly Ki Doli and now the second film is Fryday. There’s a pattern. Dolly and Doli, Friday and Fryday. How do you manage to crack your titles that way?

A. It’s a very different question and actually a great observation. I never thought about it while deciding the title and got to know from you only. Fryday title came from the story which is about a particular day that happens to be Friday and how the characters get fried. Sometimes in your life, there’s a day when you get fried because there’s a lot happening around you. There’s a lot of humour, a lot of confusion in the story and Fryday, Friday thing is just a co-incidence.

Q. How was it working with Govinda? He’s a comedy king and your’s is a comedy film too. You worked with him for the first time, so how was the experience?

A. It was amaaaazing to work with him. Sir (Govinda) is so hardworking that sometimes we feel bad about ourselves at this age. The kind of energy level he posseses is something we all learn from. Whether it is me or whether it is Varun, we all talk about the source of so much energy at this age. He is a legend when it comes to comedy because he does comedy not only with his facial expressions, he does comedy with his entire body. It was great working with him and if you ask me I can make a film with him every year.

Q. Did you learn anything special from him?

A. I can’t point out one thing, there are so many things that I learnt from him. He always likes to give the best take. Sometimes on the sets, I felt like I’ve got the right shot and when I used to tell him about it, he said let me give an even better one. The hunger of always giving the best without getting tired and never giving up is one thing that I learnt from him.

Q. You are working with both Govinda and Varun Sharma in Fryday. Apart from both being great comedy actors, which similarity you find among them?

A. Both are Punjabis, they love food, they love to gossip, they love dancing. Also, the way they complement each other in comic timing is beautiful. That was also the main reason to bring them together for the film. Varun’s character demanded innocense and humour and for Govinda’s character we needed someone who can bring the clever side of the character alive. Now there can be no better actor than Govinda sir to play that kind of character. Innocense and comedy come naturally to Varun so we picked him to play that character.

Q. Abhishek, Rajkummar Rao was one of the highlights of your previous film. Now with Stree, he has entered the 100 crore club. Do you want to say anything about him?

A. I’ve seen his journey and the kind of hard work he has done. He was excellent in Doll Ki Doli which I think was the first comedy commercial film where you saw Raj.

He was normally known for playing serious characters after films like Shahid but a good actor can do any kind of acting, you can do comedy, drama, emotions, you can do any kind of role. He was the first choice of me for that character Sonu. Even when the writers were writing that character, I knew that I want Rajkummar Rao in the film. I am happy that his film has crossed 100 crores mark. His hard work has paid off now and I wish him all the best.

Q. Any big star that you are looking forward to working with in future?

Obviously, you want to work with everyone in the industry Everyone is a good actor but if you want me to point out one such actor with whom I want to work with, that wish of mine has already been granted. I’ve worked with Govinda Sir in this film. But I’d definitely want to work with Mr Amitabh Bachchan as I have a great desire of working with him. Also, one more person that I really want to work with is Aamir Khan.

Q. So, are you planning to get them in your next movie?

A. You never know when your dream comes true. I never knew that Govinda sir was coming my way. So it can happen anytime, later or sooner, but it will definitely happen.

Q. Abhishek, #MeToo is really heating up in Bollywood these days and a lot of girls are coming out and speaking about the harassment they have been through for so many years. What is your say on that?

A. I feel very bad about this. When you have a certain position and certain power, you should not misuse that power. In our industry, there are a lot of people who want to work and a lot of people are struggling.

Q. Have you ever been around someone whom you know has misused his position?

A. No, I haven’t been in front of any such person and I am talking purely on the basis of newspapers. If you don’t misuse your power and genuinely help the people, that will be really great. Because you know coming in power and then misusing it is really easy but if you help someone after coming in power that is a big thing to do. I’d like to tell directors, producers, actors, actresses and everyone that if you can do something for somebody that will be a great thing.

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