Deepika Padukone again increases her fees, A young director says Saari Bhansali Ki Galati Hai


Deepika Padukone is one of the Biggest Bollywood actresses and the big line of Blockbusters she has given in past few years is the proof.

Deepika made huge waves last year when it was revealed that she charged most among all the actors of Padmaavat. Now she is in the news for same reason, as she has again increased her fees.

For Deepika, she deserves a huge fees but her idea has left the directors frustrated who are not able to cast her. As per Asian Age reports, “Rumour has it that the actress now entertains only author-backed roles and demands a remuneration that exceeds what the leading man receives and is apparently, three times more than what A-list heroines make.”

A young director told Asian Age- “Sari Bhansali ki galti hai (It’s all Bhansali’s fault),”

The director also added- “After Padmaavat, Deepika thinks she is far above the rat race. She will only entertain top-notch producers and directors and only if they come to her with the author-backed title role. She also wants creative control over the script.”

Meanwhile, Deepika is currently in news for an upcoming superhero film in which she will play the central role i.e inspired from Wonder Woman. The budget of film is said to be somewhere around 300 crores.

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