Being compared with Jennifer Lawrence made me blush – Niharica Raizada

Niharica Raizada who recently joined Anupam Kher at the celebration of Indias 72nd Independece Day in America was also spotted shooting for Photo Vogue a subset of Italian vogue Magazine in New York and the actor revealed that she was compared with Jennifer Lawrence of Hollywood by producer Brian Clopp.

Working with American professionals Niharica said: “today, being an artist means global recognition, internet and social media have connected the world on one platform: the world wide web. I love working with people from America, I recently got a chance to shoot with Sumit Asija and Brian Clopp.

Brian Clopp who last produced Angelina Jolies Netflix film “First they Killed My Father”. It was a great experience chatting to Brian about the Hollywood system and casting process, being a producer and a casting director, he has the best of both worlds. He gave me plenty of tips on how one can do films globally”.

When asked is there a difference between Bollywood and Hollywood casting process Niharica answered: ” there is no difference at all, films are films and they are meant to be universal and always will be, if language barriers prevent people from enjoying entertainment, you are losing the point of what films are made for, and you are doing something too niche and I don’t want to be a part of that. I want to be a part of universal films, films which speak to anyone, anywhere, any time. Who make people cry and laugh and be happy, even if they are sitting somewhere remotely like Tristan de Cunha or Timbuktu.

So, being in Hollywood or working with professionals in India the cinema process is identical. However, I must say I found people in America very humble, they didn’t beat around the bush, you are either shooting or you are not, its nice when people are humble and frank, it was a refreshing change. I even got the compliment of being the Jennifer Lawrence of Bollywood, that’s the feel they got when we were shooting. I blushed. Its a nice compliment.”

Niharica will next be seen in Total Dhamaal starring Ajay Devgn, Madhuri Dixit, Arshad Warsi and Anil Kapoor.

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