Arjun Kapoor shames media house for posting a troll story of Janhvi Kapoor


Trolls and trollers are a sad part of social media. Whenever celebs post something, these trollers attack them and post bad comments. Media houses use the troll comments and make it a story which in a way becomes even more troubling for Bollywood stars.

Arjun Kapoor objected this culture recently as a media house posted a troll story of Janhvi Kapoor. The story was about how some people on social media commented bad about Janhvi Kapoor’s dressing. Arjun Kapoor didn’t like it and shared –

2 trolls write a comment n for the web team of a big newspaper it’s a news story… slow clap 👏 ridiculous how trolls are given attention by the media & they wait for us to retaliate…the lesser the stories the lesser the trolls win…


Well said Arjun, but in a way even you highlighted the story and considering your reach on social media it’s equally damaging. Next time you want to complain about a media house, you can just tag the Twitter handle without quoting the actual story which has those bad comments. Just a thought.

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