Arjun Kapoor did something and it tells how much he is missing his mom Mona Kapoor


Arjun Kapoor has always maintained that his late mom Mona Kapoor has been a great inspiration for him. He has gone on record about her influence on him and the way her beautiful upbringing shaped up his attitude towards people and relationships.

Past few days have been really hard and testing for the Kapoor family. A great part of their family and one of India’s superstars Sridevi passed away. Though, Sridevi was a stepmom to Arjun and their relationship has not been really sweet, he performed all the family duties like a man with real values.

As the news of Sridevi’s unfortunate demise broke, Arjun Kapoor left the shooting of his upcoming film Namastey England midway and travelled straight from Amritsar to Mumbai. He immediately landed at the house of Anil Kapoor to support Sridevi’s daughters Janhvi and Khushi in the absence of Boney Kapoor.

He then travelled to Dubai to support his father Boney in all the legal formalities and upon coming back with the mortal remains of Sridevi, he participated in all the rituals. Arjun Kapoor also closely participated in the last journey of Sridevi, something which touched the hearts of many in the industry and of course his fans.

But among all the appreciation and praise he’s getting from fans and industry, it seems Arjun Kapoor is really missing his mom Mona Kapoor.

Arjun Kapoor took to Twitter and liked a couple of old tweets of Mona Kapoor which are actually beautiful quotes that she tweeted during her last days. The tweets read as-

If we plant just one seed of love and kindness everyday, at the end of our lives we will have created a landscape of unspeakable beauty.

Never waste ur time trying to change other people’s opinion of u. They’ll think what they want regardless, so just be urself and be happy!

Take a look at the snapshot below-


We believe Arjun will continue to channel positivity from the memories of his mom and will continue to make her proud wherever she is.

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