Apache Indian and Raftaar have found their “Punjabi Girl” in Angela Krisliznki

Angela Krislinzki, known for her role in the Bollywood movie “1921” is the “Punjabi Girl” in Apache Indian and Raftaar’s newest track. The song which has Apache dropping some groovy Punjabi lyrics with rap sung by Raftaar is a part of the album “On The Weekend”. It will be a complete party song.

Talking about featuring in the song, Angela says “I have always been a fan of Apache Indian and Raftaar. It’s such an honor working on an international single with such biggies. The name of the song is “Punjabi Girl” and I am playing that girl. So, it’s a big honor to have a song on me. It has a very party vibe to it. We had such a mad time on set. It actually was more like a party.”

Apache a British Indian singer-music writer whose song everyone was dancing on especially in the 90s has come together with Raftaar who has given multiple hits recently like “Swag Mera Desi” for the first time in this song. The album releases on 28th September.

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