AIB’s Narendra Modi meme sparks controversy, Tanmay says he’ll delete and create more jokes


Who doesn’t know the Power of Internet? One person uploads something sitting in the comfort of their home and it has the potential of worldwide reach. A Twitter user posted a picture yesterday which went viral in seconds on the social media. The picture was of a person who doesn’t even resemble but is a carbon copy of none other than, our respected Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”. In the picture, the person can be seen standing at the railway station and waiting for his train while gazing into something interesting in his mobile phone.

He captioned the pic:

“Would you Believe if I say he is not our PM, but Modi Ji’s Look -alike @narendramodi  #namo #PMModi #duplicate#IndianRailways”

See the pic:


Creative people on Twitter couldn’t resist and started making memes of this pic and then came a meme by popular comedy group All India Bakchod(AIB)  which was noticed by everyone. They posted the same pic along with real pic of Namo’s face edited with the snapchat “dog” filter. Height of Creativity!

See the AIB’s pic:


While the meme had amazing level of humour, some of the Twitter users got angry and reacted accordingly. One of the users wrote:

“Publicity theek hai yaar, lage haath thode nationalist sentiments aur hurt kar lo cuz Modi goes hand in hand. Magar joke to dhang ka ho!”


After sometime, the comedy group had to delete the pic following  the aggressive tweets from the users. Even after removing the pic, users shared their views and started trolling the AIB.

After a while, AIB co-founder Tanmay Bhat posted some tweets-

Tanmay replied to a user who posted

User: “Dum naheen hai Modiji ke upar video banaane ka, ye boliye na sir. Paisa to aata jaata rahega :)”

Tanmay replied:

“Become a household name, spend 1 cr plus on existing cases, phir gyaan dena, thanks :)”


Another popular name from comedy group Rohan also joined him –


Rohan: Good change of pace today. Butthurt congresstards for once. Come come. Been a while since you lot felt relevant I guess.

Tanmay: Congress leaders and BJP trolls both getting mad over a goddamn silly snapchat filter meme smh.

Later, Tanmay posted a snapshot of the tweet by Narendra Modi himself which he once did. This was to remind all the trollers that even Prime Minister supports humour.


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