AIB offers Sunil Grover to work with them and It’s funny


Sunil Grover has literally become India’s most talked about personality in past 1 week. After his much controversial fight with Kapil Sharma, he is getting lots of work offers.

We reported you how Kapil’s rival Colors TV offered Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar a TV show and now Sunil gets a cool work offer from Digital Comedy group AIB.

The comedy group offered Sunil Grover to work with them in the latest episode of their show On Air With AIB. Checkout here.

Interestingly, Sunil Grover who was mostly silent regarding the controversy so far, opened up recently. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Sunil Grover said –

“I am very relaxed, very introspective, deep in thought about my future plans…I am just watching all the tamasha that’s going on. It’s very entertaining.”

The same report has quoted Sunil’s friend speaking about the incident. He revealed that such incidents have time and again happened in the past, where Kapil’s behaviour with his teammates was questionable and unaccountable. He was quoted saying,

“On numerous occasions, he has insulted Sunil and the other team members. Unforgivably, Sunil and the others overlooked Kapil’s growing highhandedness. ‘Chalo chalo show record karte hain,’ they’d say every time after his rude behaviour. Not this time. Kapil needs to know he is wrong. There is no going back.”

He also confirmed that Sunil will never come back on the show. He added, “Sunil is now taking off to an unknown destination with his wife and son for a recuperative holiday.”

Meanwhile comedian Raju Srivastav is trying to end the differences between Sunil & Kapil. He said –

“Kapil has told me that he is trying to meet Sunil, but he is out of Mumbai. He told me that Sunil is determined not to come back on the show. To make things better, I had arranged a meeting with them at my house on Sunday, and I had even thought of calling Kapil’s mom (to mediate). But Sunil told me that he had extended his travel plans and will get in touch with me when he is back,”

In his interaction with Hindustan Times, Raju said –

“Kapil success ke pressure ko jhel nai pa raha. I don’t think he is arrogant, I just feel he can’t deal with the pressure that comes along. No matter which show it is, be it a function or a shaadi, people always want Kapil to come and perform. This is why he has even stopped answering his phone calls,”

Talking about Kapil’s drinking habits and arrogant behaviour Raju added –

“Although he has never misbehaved with me, other artists and technicians on the show have told me how he gets angry after drinking. They all say that otherwise he (Kapil) is fine, but changes completely as a person post consuming alcohol. It is so sad. People love us and if we behave like this (after drinking), it hurts our fans,”

Raju Shrivastav also spoke about Kapil’s girlfriend Ginni Chatrath –

“Ginni was on the set last week as well. Not in any capacity, just to support Kapil. He even introduced me to her and said, ‘Yeh aapki bhabhi hai’,”

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