After Ranbir & Mahira, Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia caught red handed in London


Whoa! This month should be added in the history of Bollywood. Back to back Hungamas are happening and audience is just enjoying it. After Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan were seen smoking on the streets of NYC, there’s another big leak that has happened now.

A video of Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia is getting viral on the social media. Both were spotted together at a bus stop in London, where they were seen sitting together on a bench and holding each other’s hands. Simultaneously, Dimple was smoking and enjoying deep conversation with Sunny.

As per Mumbai Mirror, Sunny Deol went to London for a week last month to be with Dimple Kapadia. The couple’s video was shot by a fan, Nisha Pal, on August 9, who uploaded the video online. And now it has gone viral after Ranbir Mahira’s controversy.

There was a time when the duo’s affair was the hottest one of Bollywood, but both were apart or may be they were hiding from the media. Well, these things cannot be hidden as whole world is watching you.

Watch the video:

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