Aditya Narayan apologizes for his misbehaviour with airport staff


A few days ago, Aditya Narayan, who is the son of famous singer Udit Narayan, was in news for his ugly spat with airline staff at Raipur airport for carrying excess baggage. A video of Aditya also went viral on social media, in which he was yelling at the staff.

Soon, his father Udit, came for his rescue and promised in an interview that his son would apologize on the public platform. It looks like, Udit has stood by his words as his son apologized on social media. He wrote wit an expression of regret but also mentioned the behaviour of the staff with him was not right. Read what he wrote:

“I did misbehave with staff….. I Apologise

Like they treat us Anybody can loose his tempered!!
They dnt have manners how to talk !! How to treat guest !!

They should learn some manners how to treat passenger on airport !!
every action has its equal and opposite reaction and that’s y i lost my temper.. This can happen to any individual, and I don’t think if someone unnecessarily poke you or annoy you without any healthy reason than anyone can burst out…
My apology for my loving fans Bcz they have not seen my such reactions earlier..
Will try to maintain my calm but only where it needed….

#apologise #worstIndigoAirlines #patheticService #MannerslessStaff#Uneducated”

See the screenshot:


See the clip of Aditya and airline staff:

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