10 Bollywood celebrities who encountered ghosts while shooting films

We are all told the stories of Ghosts and fairies in our childhood but not many of us believe them. However, believe it or not, those other-worldly creatures do exist. And, even though you may not have experienced or felt them, but many of your favorite Bollywood stars have. Anyone who has experienced such supernatural stuff can come up with lots of different reactions and they may even be curious about exploring the world of spirits.

Coming back to the Bollywood, it’s said that when you’re shooting for some horror or supernatural movie that involves witches and ghosts, a negative energy is created which is known to attract those spirits and some paranormal activity can be experienced as a result. Some even believe that shooting of the horror films is something that offends the ghosts and spirits. Without getting into how much of it is actually a fact, let’s check out what our favorite celebrities have experienced in their lives when it comes to facing those Ghosts.

Varun Dhawan – Haunted By Ghost Of Frank Sinatra, The Popular American Singer-Actor


When Varun was shooting for his popular Bollywood movie ABCD 2, he had to stay in a hotel that is known to be a personal favorite of Late Frank Sinatra, the legendary American singer and actor. It is said that Varun’s stay was in a suite that’s allegedly haunted by Sinatra’s ghost. One day, when Varun came back to sleep in his suite after a tiring day shooting, the door creaked open automatically and he heard a few strange sounds as well. Varun shared his story saying that the place was haunted for sure because he used to hear somebody singing at night and doors just fling opened.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui – He Experienced Uncanny Incidents When He Was Shooting For Aatma

Aatma – Feel It Around You was a horror movie released in 2013. It starred Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Bipasha Basu and the star cast has reported quite a few eerie incidents leaving them dumbstruck. Movie’s cast as well as crew, including Bipasha, heard some woman singing as they shoot for a movie scene. However, when the recording was played again, they didn’t notice any sound whatsoever recorded on tape.

In another scene where it was Nawazuddin involved in the shoot, they saw a photo-frame from a wall behind him tilting and later crashing onto the floor. He says there wasn’t any breeze whatsoever in that room and the nail on which the frame was hanging hadn’t fallen either.

Bipasha Basu – She Noticed Some Strange Happenings When Shooting For Gunah

When Bipasha was shooting for her movie Gunah at the Mukesh Mill, she experienced a few strange incidents. As it appeared, in some rooms, she couldn’t just learn the lines for her scenes. After some time, another actress experienced like being possessed when she was shooting there for another film. After that she died in the hospital.

Emraan Hashmi – He Heard Somebody Screaming In His Hotel Room On A Vacation

While vacationing in Matheran along with his friends, Emraan and his friends heard somebody screaming when nobody else was there. They all had heard those loud screaming sounds. All of them went out of the room to look for the person who was screaming but there was nobody to be found. After that, they spent the night restlessly and that screaming continued right throughout. Emraan says that they shifted their hotel as soon as it was morning.

Soha Ali Khan – She Heard Noises Coming Out Of Empty Rooms

Soha Ali Khan had starred in a 2014 movie Gangs of Ghosts and while they were shooting for the movie she and a co-star of hers Mahi Gill experienced a few weird things happening on sets. There were unexplained noises coming out of the vacant rooms. And, according to Soha, they didn’t waste any time to pack up and leave the sets for avoiding anything unwanted.

Ranveer Singh – He Felt Peshwa Bajirao’s Presence While Shooting

Ranveer tells it really was a trippy experience where he freaked out altogether. He recalls that day as one of most hard days of the shooting. He says he felt something present around him and was somehow told that it’s him. He just wanted things to go right as he shoot. He saw the pattern of Bajirao’s figure on some black wall at the set and it was formed with dust that had settled there. He noticed a turban, nose, eyes, mooch, and the arms, all resembling Bajirao. According to Ranveer, his mind might have been playing some tricks but his strong instinctive feelings were suggesting otherwise.

Govinda – He Once Woke Up A Saw An Other-Worldly Woman Sitting Right On His Chest

It is quite common to have ghostly experiences in the hilly areas. Even the popular Bollywood star Govinda had such an experience as well. He was once at a film shoot in a hilly area and when he was sleeping in his hotel room one day, he woke up in the middle of night all of a sudden and found an other-worldly woman sitting right on his chest. In addition, Govinda says that when he woke up that night the room was also not looking so neat and everything was spread around.

Saroj Khan – She Heard Some Noise As If Somebody Was Shifting Furniture

While staying at some hotel with her team, the popular Indian choreographer heard some noise as if somebody was shifting furniture right above them. They asked the hotel staff to do something to stop that noise but were told that the hotel didn’t have a floor above them.

Ram Gopal Varma – He Felt Somebody Walking Near His Bed

The popular Bollywood Director, Ram Gopal Varma somehow got too attached to Manjeet – a ghostly character in his movie ‘Bhoot’ – and once he felt somebody was walking near his bed claiming it was him. The incident happened after they had wrapped up a late night 3 AM shooting. He says he had heard some footsteps around him but nobody was there. He believes Manjeet couldn’t be there but it was a voice from the inside that was insisting him to believe otherwise.

Neil Nitin Mukesh – Somebody Once Passed Through Him

When he was shooting for one of his horror movies 3G, Neil says he saw their light boy running towards him and telling him that somebody was standing beside him and then he just pass through Neil.

He says they were shooting at a location which was called to be a haunted place and his unit boys actually experienced some presence. And, when that actual incident happened they thought the boy was just joking around and intended to create a bit of sensation. However, later he felt that and it left him trembling right there.

Yes, ghostly creatures do exist and even the popular bollywood stars have experienced them. So, who would you believe if you aren’t going to believe your icons? Wait! Has it ever happened to you too? We’d love to hear your story if you have had a similar incident ever in your life.

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